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Pet Pee Pick Up® is the Universal Cleaner for your pet’s dirty fluids! It absorbs all those messy pet fluids  including:


Pet Pee Pick Up rapidly cleans the mess, eliminates a broad spectrum of microorganisms and bacteria and reduces the risk of spreading infection. Just a bit of Pet Pee Pick Up goes a long way to keep your pet’s surroundings clean and fresh. One 8 oz container is enough to clean up to 60 incidents you pet may cause! ( We sincerely hope that never happens to your pet)


A little goes a long way! Up to 60 applications per bottle.

No one likes their pets to be in and around undesirable dirty conditions. These messy circumstances can exist in your home, animal shelters, veterinary clinics, or any location where pets reside.

Universal Cleaner for Spilled Pet Fluids!

A pet mess can be stressful. Pet Pee Pick-Up takes away the stress by eliminating the odor, making any residue nontoxic, and transforming liquids to a semi-solid state for a relatively simple disposal process.

See how quickly and effortlessly Pet Pee Pick-Up works !